Let’s keep this short and sweet.

I’m gay – yes, really.

I’m a Christian – yes, really.

But more than that, I’m on a particularly interesting journey as Jesus shows me how a life of faithful and loving obedience to Him is fully possible while being (strongly) attracted to other men. I’ve snubbed my toes, tripped and completely fallen once or twice (or more) in the meantime, but as He is faithful to picking me up, tending to my hurts and giving me a good healthy vision of myself, I want to be faithful to Him.

I am strongly confident in what is normally called the traditional Christian sexual ethic: That God created human beings as male and female. He also created human sexuality as a means to produce children, as an expression of love and as a symbol of His faithfulness to His people. That being the case, sexual intimacy outside of a faithful, lifelong marital union is contrary to His plans, goals and intents for sexuality.

Be that as it may, God calls us all to lives of love, not lives of sex or even lives of marriage. So it’s my humble goal in life (and this blog) to delve into the ways that I can live that life of love as someone walking the road of celibacy.

In joining with this new conversation, I hope my blog provides a voice for others who find themselves on this rocky, but worthwhile path.  Maybe we’ll even have some fun along the way.


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