The Good News

You see, God created a good world, full of joy and love. But because you and I would rather do things our own way, and because we didn’t trust God’s love and character, we staged a rebellion against Him, and tried to depose God from his place as King. But God, being all-wise, all-knowing and perfectly loving, is really the only person who can be rightfully King. So as the Rebellion continues, not only do we continue to with the treason, but we hurt this world, and ourselves, deeply – and out of his love for us and out of a passion for his own good name, the King hates the Rebellion.

Like many unlawful rebellions that followed in human history, we were caught, tried, sentenced like the upstarts and rebels we are. And we are now awaiting execution. But God still loves his enemies and sought them out in his perfect grace and mercy. He came into this fallen, rebellious place we’d turned his good world into and preached His good news:

If we would submit ourselves to him, waving a flag of surrender by admitting that we are wrong about ourselves and wanting and needing our own way and admitting we are wrong about Him and trust Him with our lives, He would take our place on the judgment block, He would take the punishment for our rebellion on Himself, as one of us, instead of us. (More than that, as if he were the only rebel at all.) And in return, He’ll put Himself inside of us, making us part of His Family and His People – full of the love and strength that we were really looking for all along.


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